Mining Farm Solution

We have a complete solution for setting up a Bitcoin Mining Farm

A professional Bitcoin Mining Farm would cost millions of dollars to set up, considering hardware purchase, cooling systems, space, power transformer, to mention a few.

JQ Miner Pro provides the best solution for setting up your mining farm in your desired country, and it does not matter if it is on a small scale, medium scale or large scale.

We can provide as much as 100,000 pieces of our hardware, and more. You can be sure of great discount prices. We will also provide the necessary accessories for your convenience.

Here's how it works!

Instalment Plan Alert!!!

We can setup your Bitcoin mining farm with complete solution when you only make $100,000 deposit. You no longer need $600,000+ to get started. We get you fully started within 15days of your deposit. You pay the rest in instalments up to 5years. Kindly discuss with us via:

On your request, we would provide JQ Miner Pro Plus hardware, as much as you require for your farm. This is the best investment you can make towards the coming year 2018.

Let’s make a little calculation;

x1 Hardware with 100TH/s = Daily Profit $259.27(Ƀ0.01581)

x1,000 Hardware with 100TH/s each = Daily Profit $260,700 (Ƀ15.67)

You get to make your capital back in less than two months after complete setup.


  • This calculation was made using Bitcoin current value: 1 BTC = $ 16639.38
  • Both JQ Miner Pro Mini and JQ Miner Pro Plus hardware are now available for Bitcoin mining farm
  • Minimum order for Bitcoin mining farm is 500pieces, up to 100,000pieces(This does not imply you need 500 or 100,000 computers. We have a special rack board for mining farms that accommodates 100 USB miner per tray. This also reduces load on your computer CPU as this board is specially made for mining purposes only.)
  • Make sure to contact us for more important information and shipping costs
  • When you complete your purchase process, one of our personnel would visit your farm location for proper installation and integration
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