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We can setup your Bitcoin mining farm with complete solution when you only make $100,000 deposit. You no longer need $600,000+ to get started. We get you fully started within 15days of your deposit. You pay the rest in instalments up to 5years. Kindly discuss with us via:

Let's explain the features

JQ Miner Pro is a Bitcoin mining hardware. Being the first of its kind, its capacity ranges from 50TH/s up to 100TH/s.

Highest Mining Capacity

With a mining capacity of 100TH/s, JQ Miner Pro has the best mining capacity you can get in the cryptocurrency world as of today.

Exponential Income Growth

Unlike any other Bitcoin miner hardware in the market that brings low or no income at all. Mining your Bitcoin using JQ Miner Pro will change your lifestyle for the best and grow your income exponentially. This is our guarantee.

Exclusive Explainer Video

We have created a video that will accompany you on your mining journey. You begin to make money from your day one.

Mobile Monitor

When you are away from your computer where you are actually mining, you can monitor your mining activities wherever you are through our Mobile app for iOS and Android.

No Overheating

To be a real-time Bitcoin miner, you would have a massive cooling system for your hardware, which must be sophisticated and of course comes at a high price. This is why our JQ Miner Pro comes with an inbuilt coolant that prevents it from overheating at all times.

High Security

We have put in mind every form of security compromise that miners could encounter in their mining activities. JQ Miner Pro is laced with a high-security level, we only recommend you do not reveal a few security details that are personalized to each hardware.

Low Power Usage

A major issue in Bitcoin mining is the power supply. Most miners have been frustrated out of this business because the cost of powering their mining activities is almost or higher than the profit they make monthly. When we interviewed few miners from underdeveloped countries, they had worse experiences to share. JQ Miner Pro does not require a special energy supply thereby keeping your utility bill in check.

No Wiring

You should take a trip to a Bitcoin mining farm or visit a small-scale miner. You will be amazed at how much space their hardware cable wiring consumes. JQ Miner Pro is mere pocket size hardware. It fits in anywhere your computer is situated. No extra space required.

How much can you make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly?

First, this depends solely on how many JQ Miner Pro hardware you have and also how many hours you let it mine daily.
However, with just one JQ Miner Pro Plus hardware, which comes with 100TH/s mining capacity, you get to make as much as B0.01581/$251.59 each day.
(NOTE: This is subject to increase as Bitcoin exchange value appreciates.)


If you have a PC, or any Windows or MAC OS device with a USB port - there is every chance it has never made you a dime before. Even though you have owned it for 6 months or 10 years plus. In fact, it is possible you have been ripped like a million times through it.

This sounds crazy but it is nothing but the pure truth.

If you would be patient enough to totally absorb every word here - you may be dumbfounded to know what you have been missing and possibly how much you have ignorantly lost in chances and opportunity.

JQ Miner Pro is the only way to benefit from your computer each time you press the power button to switch it on.

More than that, you will be shown how you can have this turnkey system working on as many devices as you can lay your hands on - Just ensure there is a USB port on your devices. It doesn't matter if you are a computer guru or a newbie, you will find this as easy as reciting A B C.

And if you would apply every information here and act fast, 2018 is not gonna be just another year as usual for you - It will be massively unusual. It doesn't matter how dull you think you are when it comes to operating a computer.

Right now, you must be warned - this is the TOPMOST secret that ever existed in the cryptocurrency world. It is a FRESH and NEVER REVEALED before technology.

If you are the type that can get overwhelmed or high BP when you begin to receive unusually consistent, stress-free and tangible income, then you are advised to OPT OUT of this site - because when it starts running, you can't stop it.

But if you are not afraid of dabbling in the cryptocurrency world to make legitimate and testimonial-worthy income; Just patiently read on to the very last word.

Check this out! Your computer is designed for this secret.

When you do even the simplest activity on your computer, a problem is generated - Hence, the birth of cryptocurrency!

Do you know each time a person from any part of the world sends or receives a cryptocurrency coin, a PROBLEM is generated in the cryptocurrency world, which needs to be resolved ASAP?

Now, here is why the problem needs to be resolved URGENTLY

Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrency transactions are meant to be digitally confirmed since they are digitally generated. The process of verifying the transaction records, popularly known as BLOCKCHAIN, is the PROBLEM we have been emphasizing here - This is where Bitcoin miners are expressly needed or let's say - Your computer device comes in handy right here.

For every PROBLEM solved, a Bitcoin miner is digitally rewarded with COINS - In this case, he gets rewarded with BITCOIN. Yes! That's where we are going.

Each and every 24hours, the volume of Bitcoin transacted globally is OVER THREE BILLION US DOLLARS - USD14,000,000,000+($14b+) - Just imagine how much PROBLEMS are available for Bitcoin miners to solve on a daily basis.


A Bitcoin miner needs sophisticated machines, servers, lots of ENERGY POWER supply, cooling system, skills, human resources, SPACE and of course, lots of COFFEE to operate successfully.

This is why a regular blue collar guy or a stay home mom or dad might not be able to benefit or join in on Bitcoin mining.


Forget the regular guy struggling in your neighborhood to be a successful Bitcoin miner because his chances are way too tiny or meager - or whatever you want to call it. He would be frustrated in no time. Bitcoin mining farms are no jokes, they require massive investments - not the few dollars your neighbor used in purchasing the one or two mining machines he's got in his tiny room. Professional Bitcoin mining farms earn up to $10million dollars monthly.

This is why most small-scale miners that are not financially competent and emotionally upstanding gets frustrated out of the mining business. As a conventional Bitcoin miner, you've got lots of bills to pay and a truckload of stuff to put in place.
And it gets worse when his profit cannot cover his bills at the end of the month.
It is absolutely scary as HECK to be a solo Bitcoin miner.

You would surely be blown and amazed if we show you how you can SOLVE cryptocurrency PROBLEMS and mine your own Bitcoin nonstop, just with a special USB Flashdrive and your regular in-house Desktop PC, Laptop, Microsoft Surface Pro etc.


Our USB miner comes with an inbuilt software you run on your computer when you do this, YOU MUST NOT REMOVE YOUR MINER HARDWARE FROM YOUR COMPUTER DEVICE - don't be scared, it is a PLUG and PLAY process. Through this, you get to connect remotely to the most powerful and Bitcoin Mining Farms in the world that runs nonstop - This means, they no longer have the millions of dollar monthly revenue to themselves only. You get to mine and earn in the same environment as theirs, even though you're in your small room.

With the capacity of our USB Bitcoin Miners, up to 100TH/s you get to earn as much as $10,000 weekly - Your earnings are strongly dependent and limited to the number of hours you dedicate to mining Bitcoin and how many computer devices you engage daily.

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